Sardinia’s Trenino Verde

A journey out of time in Sardinia’s Trenino Verde

Once you are at Camping La Pineta, you will not be able to forgo a journey on Sardinia’s Trenino Verde, a fascinating outing for the whole family, and one that leaves only a few kilometres from Bari Sardo.

The Trenino Verde is an old railway line that traverses magnificent landscapes and that connects Arbatax, a famous coastal port, to Mandas, in the green heart of Sardinia. This secondary narrow-laned railway line was built at the end of the nineteenth century and has witnessed several events and has come near to closing more than once. It no longer caters to a normal load of passengers, but has survived thanks to public effort and to the perseverance of associations that serve to promote the territory. As a tourist line, the train is appreciated by tourists from around the world who can relive the fascination of railway transportation of times passed, by traversing enchanted landscapes.


Sardinia’s ancient railway tracks, a heritage to rediscover

Sardinia’s Trenino Verde is known as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world and is on the list to be classified as a World Heritage Site. Its route snakes between intrepid ascents, spectacular panoramas, bridges that pass over Lake Flumendosa, long tunnels, and belvederes in the Barbaria region and on the massif of Gennargentu, circulating upward for several kilometres at an elevation of 800 metres above sea level.

The route spans from Mandas to Arbatax, and in one day allows for a round trip between Arbatax and Gairo, in the heart of Ogliastro, or from Mandas (in the province of Cagliari) to Gairo. There are many stops in stations allow the way to allow you to visit natural reserves such as the Oasis of Mantarbu, the famous limestone “tacchi” (mounts), archaeological sites, or abandoned villages. You can also ride the entire route in two days stopping one night on the way or in Gairo.