Visting Sardinia

Vacation in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most prized destinations in the Mediterranean. Unforgettable for its coasts and blue waters, Sardinia displays a richness of landscapes, history, architecture, archaeology, and gastronomy, which makes it a destination fit to meet the needs of all travelers. Families, solo travelers, seniors, athletes, lovers of nature and the sea, or scheduled tour enthusiasts: everyone will find unique value in their own discovery of Sardinia. Its mild climate allows for an extended touristic season from the month of March into Autumn, and the coastal breeze cools the strong summer heat.

More than 1800 kms represent an incredible heritage, one that has been preserved from pollution thanks to the commitment of the authorities. In addition to the internationally renowned beaches, such as the emerald creeks and the Alghero region, there are many coastlines that are less visited and that are protected from mass tourism, such as the beach of Berchida, the sands of Ogliastra, or of the province of Oristano, the windy coasts of the archipelago of Maddalena, a landing site for sailors.

The interior mainland will also fascinated you with its mountainous and wild landscapes, which shelter several old villages, guardians of popular traditions. You will be able to see several massif rocks bearing strange forms fashioned by erosion and visit accessible caves. The artistic heritage reflects the long history of alternating dominions in Sardinia: Roman and Phoenician ruins, beautiful pre-Roman and Roman churches and abbeys spread out in the countryside, fortified harbor citadels of Aragonese, Genoese, or Pisan origin, church and sanctuaries, or other sites devoted to ancient cults or worship.

There is much archaeological evidence that differentiates Sardinia from the rest of the Mediterranean and that even today constitutes mysteries worth studying: more than 7000 nuraghes, the most impoing megaliths in Europe, populate the countryside, preserved in various states. Standing stones, megalithic sites, and sacred wells from the nuragic era are scattered on the territory.

Sardinian gastronomy consists of a mix of seafood cuisine and mainland cuisine. It is extremely diverse, having both Mediterranean and rural influences. Not to miss: cheeses such as Sardinian pecorino, numerous special desserts and breads, as well as high-quality wines.