Archaeological Sites in Sardinia

Among the activities not to be missed during your stay in Sardinia is an essential trip to a Nuragic complex so that you can familiarize yourself with one of the most fascinating and mysterious civilizations of human antiquity: Nuragic culture.

The Bari Sardo region has preserved certain important nuraghes, like those of Ibba Manna, Ibbixxedda, Niedda Puliga, Moru, Mindeddu, and Sellersu, as well as the Tombs of Giants, a collection of tombs recognizable for their large star located in the centre of a circular arc like that in Canali, Uli, and Pitzu Teccu. Campground reception will be able to provide you with all the information necessary for the trip.

Other remarkable archaeological sites in Ogliastra:

  • Archéological Park of Lotzorai: a necropolis with numerous neolithic Domus de Janas (fairy or witch houses, sepulchres dug into the rock) and a large nuraghe;
  • Archaeological Park of Villagrande: includes various archaeological sites on the Villagrande territory, including a Tomb of Giants near Lake Flumendosa, a rare permanent settlement with a temple with four items perhaps dedicated to the water cult;
  • Archaeological Park of Lanusei: situated in the heart of a forest of green oaks is the base of a nuraghe, near almost 200 dwellings that constituted a village and two Tombs of Giants from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries B.C. ;
  • The nuragic complex from Serbissi to Osini: a nuraghe with a village of cabins dating to the Bronze Age. The main tower, almost 6 metres high, is composed of 2 levels that are connected thanks to a spiral staircase, and surrounded by three other towers;
  • Archaeological site of Tortolì San Salvatore: the ruins of a nuraghe at the sommet of which can be seen the entire plain and coastline. At the bottom of the nuraghe, circles indicate the ancient presence of a Nuragic village. Nearby, there is a Domus de Janas, a Tomb of Giants, and two standing stones.

If you are passionate about archaeology and Nuragic culture, you can also explore Sardinia’s best preserved Nuragic site: the archaeological site of Su Nuraxi de Barumini found in the middle of the island. This imposing site dates back to the Bronze Age and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.