Art and Workshops in our Campground

A vacation at our campground, a couple of feet from the Sea of Sardinia, provides for travelers the chance to relax, devote time to themselves, and to develop their creativity and passions.

At La Pineta campground in Sardinia, near the Planargia beach of Bari Sardo, Tiziana, Giuliano, and their team like to offer vacationers workshops and activities in line with their philosophy of rejuvenating vacations, coming into contact with nature, and searching for a slower pace of life and friendships.
We do not propose tight schedules with busy courses and activities, and we prefer to offer fewer courses, but courses led by people who agree with our approach. For example, yoga classes in the morning, in the shade of our eucalyptuses, are a healthy and nice way to start the day and to meet a great number of our vacationers.

Directly at the campsite, we are always ready to offer a taste of the soil and of the local culture, which we are proud to promote. Throughout the season, we welcome art expositions, as well as local paintings, and arts and crafts. In the evening, we welcome volunteers from Sardinian music concerts and author-composers, or the folk band from Bari Sardo that comes around at least once during the season and makes the whole campground dance to traditional music.
Our typical Sardinian dishes are also a way to make vacationers discover the culture of the region. We will expand our menus with recipes past down in our family from generation to generation, and we will choose local products with authentic flavours.

By consulting the charts at the reception or in different information points on the campground, you will easily learn about weekly activities, at the campground or in the area: expositions, concerts, excursions, markets, guided tours.
If you have children, you will be able to participate with them during creative workshops run by our leaders, to turn this occasion into a sharing moment, which vary among their daily games.