Village shop and other Daily Services

Nearby shopping

The campground village shop is open throughout Camping La Pineta’s open season.
It is an essential service for anyone who has chosen to take a vacation in the middle of nature and near the sea, one which allows you to organize your days easily and to enjoy the quiet of camping without having to commute every day to Bari Sardo or to another commune to run errands.

The concept of a vacation includes the possibility of freeing oneself from daily obligations that require time, energy, and travel: trips to the supermarket, parking issues, waiting in line…

You will find in the the village shop food and hygienic products that you will need during your vacation. It is open with extended hours to guarantee the best service possible.
Every morning, our local bakery provides us with fresh bread, which you can order the day before.

You will find a wide variety or Italian delicatessen, cheeses and milk products, where the products from the soil receive privileged treatment, and other foods for daily cooking. If you have special requests, we will ensure to satisfy them. You will also find non-food products that are useful for your sojourn at the campground, postcards and stamps, and we will deliver your favorite newspapers on request.


Other campground services

Camping La Pineta offers a wide range of services to meet your needs in terms of security and relaxation:

    • Free Wi-Fi in communal spaces: bar, restaurant, and reception
    • Camping material for rent for cooking and gas bottles on demand according to availability
    • Gas bottle replacement
    • Safekeeping of valuable objects
    • Baggage drop off
    • Automatic launderette
    • Payment by credit card
    • Wintering of trailers and other equipment
    • Renting of bicycles for adults and children
    • Renting of fridge on demand and upon availability
    • Renting of high chairs, cribs and other equipment for babies on demand and upon availability
    • Reservations for excursions
    • Reservations for taxis and minibuses
    • Passenger transfer service
    • First aid material
    • Private parking

Do you have any specific needs? Speak to Tiziana and Giuliano; they will do their best to meet them directly, or will refer you to people or services nearby that can help you.