Pet Friendly Camping in Sardinia

Cats and dogs are welcome

Vacationers who wish to come with their pet animals are welcome at Camping La Pineta in Bari Sardo.
Camping vacations are ideal for our friends the animals, who can live freely in the open air and enjoy long walks. Dogs can accompany you in all your daily activities, and cats can enjoy the sun and shaded areas, far from traffic and dangers of the city.

Please inform us of your animal when making your reservation so that it can be authorized by management. Also ensure to bring proper documentation indicating that they have been vaccinated.
Dogs will have to be kept on leashes inside the campground, and will have to be accompanied outside for their natural needs, which their owners will have to pick up in little bags.

At no time can the animals be left unsupervised on a site or in a mobile home, and owners are responsible for any damages made by an animal to an outsider or a structure on the campground.
By following these basic communal rules you will surely have an excellent vacation!


Beaches that allow dogs in Bari Sardo

Thanks to the regulations of the municipality in Bari Sardo, dogs are allowed on the beaches. Bari Sardo was one of the first communes in Sardinia to devote two beach areas to dogs and their masters, one is found in Planargia near the campground and the other in La Torre/Il Fico.
Whoever accompanies the dog is responsible for its behaviour and must carry the animal’s health card, a leash and muzzle, as well as a hygienic kit. It is also recommended to always carry a small bowl and a bottle of water