An Eco-Friendly Campground in Sardinia

The privilege to stay in a preserved region

The spirit of Camping La Pineta in Bari Sardo, Sardinia, Italy is to offer vacations predicated on the concepts of relaxation and contact with nature. The work and atmosphere created by Tiziana and Giuliano serve to help you experience a simple and quiet stay in harmony with the surrounding nature.

A stay at La Pineta will allow you to enjoy the natural and extraordinary heritage of this corner of Ogliastra, south of Arbatax. Rich in historical, cultural, and natural attractions, this region has remained protected from mass tourism. An authentic luxury that few destinations can offer.
La Planargia’s long beach is 400 metres from the campground and can be reached thanks to a pleasant shaded path. In the evening, the marine breeze is welcomingly refreshing, and you will be able to explore large beaches, rocks, and cliffs of the gulf that stretch out for kilometres, never busy, and enjoy the crystal clear sea by snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or going on boating excursions.

Behind the campground is a fascinating region to be explored on foot or by bike thanks to a network of trails that we will have the pleasure to identify for you.


Camping La Pineta’s commitment to an enduring tourism

We are convinced, as are our visitors, that each daily action counts when it relates to conserving the environment in which we have the opportunity to live and work.
Our commitment to enduring vacations is constant and is reflected in the campground’s organizational options, which include :

  • different garbages for sorting; we are among the pioneers while recycling is not yet a common practice in the region;
  • all light bulbs in the commun areas require minimal energy consumption;
  • the water recuperation systems help us to save this precious resource;
  • the water is heated by solar panels;
  • the campground team commutes by driving electric cars;
  • we manage a bike rental service inside the campground;
  • we have contacts with environmental guides qualified to promote excursion in the area on foot, on mountain bikes, and in kayaks.