Hiking in Ogliastra and Sardinia

Hiking in Ogliastra

These last few years, Sardinia has made efforts to emphasize its hiking trails, which has resulted in attracting new Italian and international tourists: hiking enthusiasts. The diversity of the trails on the coast, at a slightly lower altitude, or those on the land, more difficult and devoted to expert hikers, all benefit from an exceptional natural panorama, evoke the richness of Sardinia, and allow all to give themselves over to hiking trips that are full of emotion.

By walking, it is possible to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible: creeks, promontories on cliffs, forests, mountains, and natural parks.

The region has recently equipped 70 new trails on the island with road signs. You can find the Forest Office’s detailed maps here.
Ogliastra offers some of the best walking excursions on the Sardinia island, with tens of possible itineraries, from simple walks on the beach, to moderate trails providing a view of the entire coast, all the way to hiking treks that span many days, to be planned in advance or to be undertaken with a guide. For instance, Selvaggio Blu, the hiking trail reputed to be the most difficult in Italy, for which it is indispensable to seriously prepare, but whose unrestricted views are worth all the efforts.


Excursions beginning from Camping La Pineta and trips in the Bari Sardo region

The campground, situated in the countryside of the Bari Sardo area and only 400 metres from the beach, is ideally situated with respect to the region’s hiking trails.
In the immediate area there are leisure trails with road signs for adults and children, and others that you can easily follow thanks to our markers. The refreshing breeze and the mild Sardinian climate make these practicable at the beginning of spring until the end of fall, and in the middle of summer, we can recommend you trails that are more shaded.
For longer excursions, we can point out for you local professional guides who will propose for you accompaniment services in the middle of nature. You will be able to reserve your excursions directly at reception.