Bike Tours & Escursions in Sardinia

Cyclotourism in Sardinia

Sardinia is an ideal region for organizing a cycling vacation and offers a wide range of paths on paved and dirt roads, perfect for mountain bikes.
The variety of coastal or mountainous landscapes and the unity of the arid territory, fascinating and not very urbanized, are resources that can be enjoyed by those trying cyclotourism for the first time, with children, or by expert cyclists who will be able to undertake the most difficult courses in Sardinia, a new trophy to add to their collection.

Sardinia provides the possibility to bike in tranquility on most roads. The absence of city noise lifts the sounds of nature and amplifies the link between people and landscapes. If you bike on the coast, even the hot summer months are bearable thanks to the presence of marine air. In the peak tourist season, you will find a succinct network of bike rentals and repairs. Given the distance between each commune, and the crossing of scarcely populated areas, it is recommended to always travel with a spare-parts kit and a first-aid kit.

Among the numerous classic courses, Gallura and Costa Verde, there is a succinct network of marked routes within parks and reserves or along the coast. The region also does not lack extreme courses, between gorges, granite mountains, and dry areas, and preserved inland.


Explore Ogliastra by bike

It is possible to add to your stay a few bike trips in Ogliastra even if you do not have equipment and a bicycle with you: we can recommend at reception the best rental and cyclotourism services in Bari Sardo and in the region, where qualified instructors regularly organize guided trips of varying difficulty and length that range from a few hours to several days.

You will be able to reach the most remote beach by bike, follow roads parallel to the coast, or explore the most wild inland landscapes, along the Supramonte Ogliastrino or the “Tacchi” of Ogliastra, a chain of small limestone mountains whose name derives from their similarity to the talon (tacco in Italian) of a shoe.
There are numerous other trails for mountain biking, which you can reach more easily thanks to Sardinia’s Trenino Verde (little green train).