Bar and Live Music

The bar, the life centre of Camping La Pineta

The bar is the centre of social life at Camping La Pineta. Whenever you do not feel like commuting all the way to Bari Sardo or to other touristic centres on the coast, the bar will be where you will spend your moments of relaxation during the day or in the evening and will make for quite the occasion, if you so wish it, to make new friendships with other guests at the campground.

Open as early as breakfast time until late in the night, the bar is divided among an interior space and a terrace surrounded by a garden that we maintain thoroughly to ensure that you spend the most enjoyable moments possible.

In the morning, you can eat a small Italian breakfast with a classic cappuccino and croissant or a continental breakfast on demand. All day you can order an espresso or a refreshing lunch, and organize classic camping, billiards, or ping pong competitions. In the evening enjoy the aperitif consisting of white Sardinian wine or a glass of Mirto, or another regional specialty “Fil’e Ferru” (local brandy).

At the bar, you will also find a reading area with sofas and couches, as well as books exchanged or offered by campground guests throughout the years, in various genres and in many languages.


Live music at Camping La Pineta

We like music that creates a vacation atmosphere and we regularly organize concerts and nights of music.
You can enjoy a cocktail or liqueur in the evening breeze by attending a rock, pop, or blues concert. We are in contact with local artists and bands who pass by Camping La Pineta during the summer, where they know they will be properly welcomed and find an enthusiastic audience.

We like to share with our visitors local culture and traditions, and when possible, we invite the folk band from Bari Sardo to the campground to help people discover traditional music and dances.
We establish the bar campground program with care because we believe it is important to be able to offer soirees and entertainment right on the campground, so that you can make the most of your relaxing vacation without have to commute.