Kayak Excursions in Ogliastra and Sardinia

The Ogliastra coast around Bari Sardo is an ideal spot for kayaking and watersports: calm sea, windy but protected shore, never taken over by tourists and pleasure boats, and nature endowed with a variety of landscapes and rich in sights, gulfs, creeks, and caves.

Kayakers find themselves in a privileged position to admire and discover the coast, in absolute silence only interrupted by the sound of paddles. Unusual landscapes, reserved aquatic environment, underwater vegetation that gives the water its emerald or blue reflection, limestone cliffs and pointy rocks, small ravines and stacks…

Camping La Pineta has been collaborating for many seasons with the Cardedu Kayak centre, which has options for experts and beginners, provides lessons for all levels and all ages, rents kayaking equipment and organises excursions led by Francesco, a certified guide.

The possibility of choosing from over 65 itineraries allows sea aficionados to discover all corners of the eastern shore of Sardinia and to benefit from natural landscapes, from flavours and sensations not accessible by land. The length of the excursions may vary from a half day to a whole day, even many days. For aficionados, there is nothing like the nocturnal outing, with camping and dragnet fishing.