Scuba Diving in Ogliastra and Sardinia

Camping La Pineta faces a part of the coastline that represents a true paradise for scuba diving aficionados.

In fact, the Bari Sardo coast alternates between rocks and numerous beaches, deep waters, and sandy seabeds that welcome the vast underwater prairies of Posidonia Oceanica. The variety of underwater habitats is preserved thanks to engagement on the part of the local administration and tourist groups to protect the ecosystem.

The seabeds that line the beautiful coast of Bari Sardo also offer a refuge to impressive fauna. By diving, within the first few metres you can see a number of species like pomfrets, multi-coloured wrasses, sars, and royal seabreams. A bit deeper is the place belonging to groupers,eel, dentés, and crowned amberjacks. The rocky walls do not lack crustaceans and mollusks, and the yellow and red anemones colour the decor of these aquatic scenes.

Camping La Pineta is in collaboration with Ogliastra Diving, which you can contact to rent diving and snorkeling equipment, and you can you familiarize yourself with this discipline by taking classes for beginners.

All season, you have an embarrassing choice to go diving with a guide used to all public areas on the coast or a bit farther away, toward the spectacular creek Cala Gonone.

If you want to take full advantage of the beauty of the seabeds, Camping La Pineta organizes a Nature Week in collaboration with Ogliastra Diving. With this special offer, you live in a mobile home, according to a half board formula, and a diving package with a guide.