Bookings 2021 will open on 7 December 2020!

Here we are again!……we’re almost ready for the 2021 season!

Summer 2020 has just ended … it has been a “particular”, “different”, sometimes even “a bit complicated” season … but it has reserved us pleasant, positive and exciting moments and many small satisfactions and that’s why also this year we say THANK YOU to those who have been with us, to those who wrote to us, to those who called us, to those who brought us in our hearts and minds and cried for not being able to be here … and to those who in various ways have collaborated with us for the success of this crazy season!

And we, after some rest and preparations … we are ready to leave again!!!

We want to think positive and, as every year, start booking for the 2021 season!

Reservations will reopen on 07/12/20, you can make a request for an estimate or booking through the website or by email, the office will be open from h.9.30 to h.12.00 from Monday to Friday.

So … we are waiting for you!!!

NOTE – Those who last year(2020) requested the Voucher for booking cancellation due to the Covid Emergency, will receive an informative e-mail.