Camping rules

The access to the Camping involves the acceptance and full observance of this “GUIDELINE”, which may contain new regulations, that the Administration would consider appropriate for a better functioning of the Camping.

The failure to comply with the rules of this regulations, or any kind of behavior that would compromise the harmony and spirit of this settlement, could cause the expulsion of the individual from the facility as an unwanted guest.


Art. 1 – Access to the Campsite

Any person who wants to enter the campsite, for any reason, will need the authorization of the Administration.
All campers must present their identity documents upon arrival, to be registered and to fill out the public safety sheets. The documents will be returned after the registration is complete.
Guests who have a vehicle will have their license plate engraved and receive a self-adhesive “Pass” to be placed on the windshield to facilitate the control at the entrance to the camp.
Visitors must leave a document in the Administration and pay at least 1 hour of stay, according to the current rate for adults. They may stay in the facilities until 23:00, at the most.


Art. 2 – Access to the Camping for minors

Children who are not accompanied by a legally responsible adult cannot access the Camping.
For staying overnight the minor that is not accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian will be asked for:

  • an authorization for minors (download here the pdf version) filled by a parent or legal guardian;
  • a copy of a parent’s valid identity document;
  • a copy of an identity document of the accompanying person.


Art. 3 – Access to the Camping for unauthorized persons

The access and presence in the campsite of unauthorized persons and/or the introduction of undeclared vehicles and animals will be considered, as the case may be, as:

  • Failure to comply with public safety regulations;
  • Failure to comply with the provisions of the Criminal Code on theft, invasion of land and buildings and theft of services;
  • A contractual fraud.


Art. 4 – Entrance and departure times

The Camping (for tents places, campers, and trailers) can be occupied from 1:00 pm.
The housing units (Mobilhome and Equipped Tent) can be occupied from 3:00 pm.

The Camping places shall be left till 12:00 pm. Bungalows / Mobilhomes, Equipped tent and Caravan must be cleared by 10:00 am.

It will be the responsibility of the Reception to inform the customer about the departure time he/she should follow.
Permanence over the arranged schedule will be allowed only in acts of God or if previously agreed with the Administration.


Art. 5 – Counting the night stays

Concerning the Camping places, campers, and trailers, the stay day is counted from the arrival time at 12.00 pm of the next day.
The bungalows/mobile homes and the equipped tents are delivered on the arrival day at 3:00 pm and on the day of departure must be released, without fail, before 10.00 am.


Art. 6 – Departure time not respected

If the departure is not made within the prescribed time, at 12:00 pm for the pitches and before 10:00 am for the housing units, the Client must pay the stay for the day of departure, that is, an additional night of stay.


Art. 7 – Prices

The prices for stay concerning the Camping places and the bungalows are shown at the Administration’s office. The list is subdivided into 4 periods, special tariffs, low season, medium season and high season. All departures and arrivals are governed in compliance to the displayed schedule.
The list also includes prices for any possible extra.


Art. 8 – Assignation of the Camping places

Booked Camping places
The booked Camping places are assigned by the Administration and are imperative. Unauthorized changes of place are prohibited, as well as the installation of auxiliary structures to the main one unless the Administration authorizes it in writing. Possible statements received by telephone during the reservation cannot be considered. All requests must be made exclusively through an explicit written statement. Gazebos, umbrellas and additional porches are prohibited unless agreed by the Administration.

Unbooked Camping places
Unbooked Camping places are assigned by the Administration, according to the temporary availability and reservations during that period, and based on the size of the guests’ equipment.


Art. 9 – Vehicles entrance and stand

The vehicles entrance times are variable according to the season and highlighted on the sign located close to the entrance. All vehicles must always show the identification (PASS) and run at pedestrian speed.
All vehicles that do not have the entry pass or that do not show it in a visible way cannot enter the Camping.
Vehicles stand is allowed only in the internal or in the external parking area. The stand in the campsite is only allowed to load and unload own equipment; otherwise, it must be authorized by the Administration.
From 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm and from 11:00 pm till 08:00 am is silence time. It is recommended to reduce noises during the whole day; it is absolutely forbidden to perform noisy games, like football, tennis etc., inside the Camping in common areas.


Art. 10 – Tranquility and silence

It is prohibited any behavior that could disturb the public peace within the accommodation facilities and in their related dependencies.
In particular during silence times, from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm and from 11:00 pm till 08:00 am, it is not allowed:

  • the circulation of motor vehicles, either getting in or out;
  • the use of sound equipment;
  • assembling or disassembling tents or structures.


Art. 11 – Camping equipment

It is severely prohibited to damage Camping plants and equipment, as well as to dig trenches around the tents and lit fires outdoor. The use of the grill is subjected to Administration permission. The Camping offers the customer an adequate barbeque area, which must be kept in order.
It is also prohibited to bring any furniture out of the bungalow (benches, chairs, tables, armchairs, etc.).
The fountains located inside the Camping should only to be used to collect water. It is severely prohibited to wash cars and motorcycles inside the Camping.
It is mandatory to respect the vegetation and maintain the hygiene, as well as to comply with all the directives that the Administration could provide for a better coexistence of the guests.


Art. – 12 – Children

Children must always be accompanied by adults while using the facilities and in the restrooms and should always be supervised by them. Parents are directly responsible for their own children. The Administration declines all liabilities.


Art. – 13 Pets

Pets are allowed inside the Camping. The fee to stay is shown in the price list that can be viewed online at and is displayed in the reception.
All pets shall be accompanied by their vaccination documents; otherwise, they won’t be allowed to enter the facilities. Their presence shall be mandatorily indicated when making the reservation and at the check-in.
Dogs should always be tied and should have a muzzle if they are used to biting. They shall always be taken outside the Camping for their physiological needs. The owners shall pick up their pets’ depositions and ensure that they don’t disturb the other guests.
The pets cannot be left free outside of the Camping places or housing units. Moreover, they cannot be left alone either in any kind of Camping places or housing units.
To wash them, it will be possible to use one of the pumps available in the Camping.
We would like to remind that in case of disturbing other people’s quietness, the pets owners will be invited to leave the Camping immediately. Pet’s owners are directly responsible for any possible damage to people or properties caused by them.
The dogs, following a Decree from the Port Authority, are prohibited from accessing the beach, unless in the dedicated areas (Dog Beach).


Art. 14 – Correct disposal of waste

Waste disposal is prohibited outside the waste containers in compliance with the current regulations that govern recycling waste collection. Paper and waste must be placed in the proper containers and in the separate recycling and collection centers that are located in various Camping areas.
It is prohibited to dispose wastewaters of any kind and source, outside of the user point located inside the accommodation facility (mandatory procedure for disposing of sewage produced in trailers and campers) and/or outside the hygiene services.
Linen and tableware must be washed only in the appropriate washbasins.


Art. 15 – Bad weather conditions

The Administration declines all responsibilities for damages suffered by properties and people as a consequence of bad weather conditions (e.g.: hail, wind, rain, whirlwind) therefore due to natural calamities, accidental and unpredictable events.
If having made a reservation, the client decided to leave in advance due to adverse weather conditions, the entire amount of the reservation should be any way paid.


Art. – 16 Fall of branches and other accidental and unpredictable damages

The Administration is not responsible for damages caused by the fall of trees or branches or for damages caused from culpable and/or damaging events from third parties, that is, by any fact that cannot be chargeable to the Administration and/or to the Camping Staff.


Art. 17 – Personal Objects’ Storage

The guests shall take care of their objects of value, the Administration is not responsible for possible thefts or damages unless for objects entrusted to it, with the release of a receipt.


Art. 18 – Withdrawal of Mail

The mail will be withdrawn in person by people over 18 in the Administrations Office. All incoming calls will be recorded by the acceptance office and orally communicated by the operators, following a request from the concerned party. The use of loudspeaker is strictly limited to urgent calls.