Why booking your next holiday in a camping?

Are you already dreaming of your next holiday trip, but have not decided if spending your holidays in a hotel, in an apartment or in a camping?
It is good to have doubts, since holidays are sacred. They represent an important moment of our life. We go on holiday to get disconnected from the usual routine but also to visit locations that we haven’t seen yet or places we already visited but that left inside ourselves wonderful memories.
If for your next trip you decided to stay in a Camping, maybe in Sardinia at La Pineta Camping, your choice has been excellent! Let us explain why.

Spending holidays in a Camping has lots of things to offer and is not uncomfortable at all as many people say.


Camping is for everybody!


Yes, you read correctly: for everybody!
It is perfect for any kind of personality, mostly beloved by young people but also by many families and adults over 50 years of age. Children have the chance to live in a protected environment and in touch with nature and with other peers. Adults can choose to socialize or enjoy their relaxation, maybe reading a book on a hammock.


Camping means nature!


Staying under some tree outdoor, improves the mood and a smile will accompany all of your holiday. The noises of your daily life, like city traffic, disappear to make room to the sounds of nature: the hiss of the wind that moves the leaves of the trees o birds chirping.. It all seems obvious but it is not so. Once arrived at La Pineta Camping you will feel like being in paradise.


Camping is not just a tent!


When you choose to book your stay in a camping you won’t be compelled to spend it in your pitch and thus in a tent. Many camping sites offer various solutions. At La Pineta Camping you will be able to choose between:

  • pitches for tent, bus, caravan or camper;
  • a comfortable equipped tent;
  • mobilehomes.


The Pitch


The pitch for sure is the most cost effective choice but it also requires the best organisation, equipment and a huge desire of adaptation. Usually, having overcome the first hurdle, people realize that this type of holiday will provide everyone something different, especially children.
If this is your first experience you may think at first that giving up your home comforts like a comfortable bed, your private bathroom and television set may create some stress in your holiday. Nothing could be more wrong than that!
Purchasing the right equipment and so gathering information before leaving, your holidays will be fantastic, in full relaxation and in touch with nature.
Tent, bus, caravan or camper make no difference if you are organized and want to enjoy this wonderful world.


Comfortable equipped tent


If you don’t want to purchase the equipment then, but would like anyway to spend your holiday in a tent you can choose the super comfortable equipped tent. At your arrival at La Pineta Camping you will find a roomy 25 sm tent consisting of a bedroom with double bed and 2 single beds. In the external veranda you will have available the kitchen, a table with chairs and your private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.




There are then people that love spending their holidays in a camping but not in a pitch or in an equipped tent. They don’t want to give up a certain kind of comfort and prefer spending their holidays in a mobilehome.
From the smallest ones that can host maximum 2 people to the biggest ones for large groups, mobilehomes or bungalows consist of a roof and walls like any house, with restroom, kitchenette and further options like air conditioning.
This is an original solution that, if compared to the pitch, is much more comfortable but also expensive.
A bungalow is therefore equipped with all the comforts and allows to sleep, cook and take advantage of independent bathroom and shower. This could be suitable for families with small children or elderly people.


Now, you get to choose!

It is now your turn to decide. Whichever accommodation you will select we are sure that you will enjoy fantastic holidays. La Pineta Camping is located at Ogliastra, a magical place incapsulated between the sea and the mountains, characterized by pristine nature!
So if you are ready to dive in a stimulating and relaxing atmosphere drop us a line at info@campingbungalowlapineta.it. Our staff will answer all your queries.
We can’t wait to hear from you!