Ogliastra is beautiful all year round!

Located in Eastern Sardinia, Ogliastra is a magical place between the mountains and the sea. It is an area characterised by unspoiled nature that should be experienced in all its nuances.

General consensus deems that the best time to visit is during summer, a period when the high temperatures allow you to enjoy the wonderful sea that laps at its shores. This is partly true, however, we are of the opinion that Ogliastra is a perfect destination all-year-round.


Spring and autumn allow you to spend a holiday when the weather is more pleasant and the low season allows you to avoid the crowds and enjoy more advantageous prices. The sights that visitors can enjoy even during the off-season are by no means disappointing. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to go to places that are difficult to visit during summer, because of the heat.

And during winter? It is even more magical. Giants’ Tombs, Nuraghi, Domus de Janas, woods, museums and traditions outline a winter itinerary waiting to be discovered.


In short, Ogliastra is always beautiful!

Its villages, each boasting its own history and traditions, allow visitors to immerse themselves in an evocative and relaxing atmosphere! Whatever your destination you cannot miss out on the traditional cuisine: culurgiones ravioli, sebadas, pistoccu bread and much more.


Ogliastra, boasting an abundance of vineyards and olive groves, is the land of Centenarians where food, air and nature have produced a particular DNA that is universally envied.