5 Reasons to spend Summer Holidays in Ogliastra

Summer is coming, have you already chosen where to spend your holidays? Would you like to spend your holidays in a place kissed by the sun and the sea but also embraced by the mountains?

Well, we’re going to advise you to spend your next summer vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Yes, that’s right! Prepare your suitcases and don’t forget your swimsuit and hiking shoes because this summer the ideal destination is Ogliastra, a small region of Eastern Sardinia, enclosed between sea and mountains, land of centenarians, beautiful by nature! A land full of colors, perfumes and enchanted places. A place to live intensely that fills the heart with emotions and will know how to turn the dream of your holiday into reality.

Take a pen and paper and mark the 5 reasons that we think make Ogliastra the perfect destination for your next summer vacation in Sardinia.


Crystal-clear sea and breathtaking beaches

Ogliastra is the perfect destination as it’s surrounded by wonderful and unique beaches, sandy, pebbles and grains similar to rice. Enchanting coves more or less hidden and accessible, reachable by land or sea. Clear and pure waters that go from the turquoise color to the thousand shades of deep blue. Real oases where you can spend a holiday between sun, sea and relaxation.


Mountain and uncontaminated natures

Ogliastra is also mountain and nature. Incredible landscapes, rich in flora and fauna, with a unique and wild character.
A tour inland will mean visiting woods, winding gorges, rocks with particular shapes, ponds and waterfalls; all surrounded by unspoiled nature. A mix of natural monuments symbol of a land as evocative as magic, which offers a sea view to do envy.


Ancient history

Ancient_ history_Camping_La_Pineta
Ogliastra is a place with a thousand facets. It has beautiful beaches, is embraced by beautiful mountains, but it also has a beautiful story to tell. It’s sure you wont’ get bored!
The numerous archaeological sites that you can visit during your holiday testify that it has been inhabited since the Neolithic. This ancient civilization has left important and significant signs in the territory, such as the construction of Nuraghi, Tombs of the Giants and Domus de Janas, most of them in good condition and included within archaeological routes open to the public.
The history of Ogliastra goes beyond the prenuragic period, but there are many examples of the Punic-Phoenician era, the Roman period and the Middle Ages.
Not to be forgotten, the visit to the Spanish Towers built around 1500, a clear testimony to how much the area in which the Saracen pirates were raided, frequently harassing the Ogliastrina coast.


Traditions still alive

Traditions_still alive_Ogliastra_Camping_La_Pineta
Ogliastra will remain in your heart because it’s rich in traditions that are still alive in their own countries.
Small ethnographic museums scattered around the territory will tell you about life and the ancient Ogliastra professions. The various cultural events that take place from spring and throughout the summer will recreate moments of the everyday life of the past, making you travel through time.
You will see how the processing of wood, textiles, jewels, breads and Ogliastrini desserts don’t represent a simple craftsmanship, but a real art!
You will know its folklore made of rich velvet costumes, adorned with filigree and precious jewels and you will bring home the memory of a land with a strong identity, with a dense culture and rich in popular traditions.


Food and Wine Culture

During your trip, don’t forget the culinary part: Ogliastra is full of aromas and flavors. It’s the land of the centenarians and the long life elixir is said to be also the traditional, unique, good and genuine food.
The food and wine tradition is linked to local folklore. Each country has its traditions, from fresh pasta, to meat, to fish, to desserts.
Culurgiones, coccoi prena, ham, cheese, pork and sheep, fish, but also desserts like pardule, amaretti, and finally wine Cannonau and Mirto, are just some of the delicacies of Ogliastra. This extraordinary variety of food and wine will be an irresistible call. After a long day between sea and hiking you will be happy to taste such tasty food. We’re sure about it!
What do you think? Is Ogliastra one of the places to spend the summer holidays at least once in life or not? Those indicated are just some of the reasons why Ogliastra deserves to be the perfect destination. We’re sure you will be satisfied. The Ogliastra people will give you a warm welcome. You will be kissed by the sun and the sea and embraced by the mountains. What’s more beautiful?

Ogliastra is a special place, come and discover it!